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Gledis 2006 , in L.17. rr. P.Hanxhari Durres, Albania has been for many years in the Albanian market and is specialized in importing and distribution of cigarettes in the whole territory of Albania. Our company is also participating in construction and through its shares in several buildings.

KompaniaSo far we have imported cigarettes directly from the importer and Germany as the exclusive representative for Albania for some types of cigarettes as Tradition, Burton, Ashford, Allure, Super Slims, Superior,Springwater, and some other cigars, these popular brands and required in the European market but also abroad.

In 2011 Gledis 2006 increases its activities by importing and several types of cigarettes from Bulgaria, which are quite popular in European and Bulgarian market as MM blu , Global,Eva slims dhe GD Clasik. Our company is one of the major companies importing and distribution of cigarettes in the Albanian market which successfully implements distributed in any store in all cities of Albania, made the sale and introduction of products that we import through its machines. Also we cooperate in the sale of cigarettes to companies operating in Albania asPhilip Moris , British Amerikan Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and other companies for whom we are as their distributor or customer preference points through the warehouses and the majority have in Durres where and are the No. 1 for this business.

of this work we do for years we have gained the confidence of the market and clients throughout the territory and can now say that we are professional in this field and have all the possibilities as by professional and economic, worthy way to represent companies world with which we work and import their products in the Albanian market.

The success of our company's development consists in increasing success. The main condition is the development of brands in the consumer market. Cooperation with the majority and minority points to successfully execute a route sales market visits and focus on dynamic people.

Gledis 2006 has work intensity and distribution organization in relations with clients. Line structure of our company is run with such insight and wit by an employee in relation to sales customers. The ability to quickly become identified with our brands and to react directly to the consumer. This ability makes the company more visible trend, trendy consumer trend in the market and it is the task of distribution and marketing. The priority of the strategy of our company's success is execution. What characterizes this company is very strong cooperation in the group and good relations between colleagues. The work group is the most important and what makes a company to push ahead rapidly.

About Us
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